ASTRO A50 Base Station for PlayStation 4 & PC - PlayStation 4
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Gamers with more than One Type of Console might not want more than One headset. The standalone PS4 base station allows you to connect your Xbox One A50 to your PS4 Console. No annoying cables needed to charge your A50 - just rest the A50 in the dock when not in use and the charging indicator will let you know that it is being charged. LIVE streaming set-ups can vary wildly, the ASTRO command center software suite allows you to customize the output sources and levels to ensure your audience hears exactly what you want them to.  Connect your phone to your base station to make sure you never miss a Call, or run some music into your session for your enjoyment or for the benefit of your live stream audience. Ensures you never need to stop gaming, even if you outlast your A50s battery charge

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